Urbex: A project I started in 2012.I have always had a keen interest in the past and as a college project titled "presence of the past' I aimed to encapsulate the life of personal items left by their departed owners

Then/Now Ireland: A more recent project I took on to keep the historic theme going. I wanted to create a talking point and get people reminiscing about bygone days. I have since ended this project after a year

Live Music: With my history of being a DJ (over 15 yrs),music has been a big part of my life. Photographing other artists showcasing their work has broadened my musical taste and I always try to capture the band/artists feeling on stage

Street: Being a fan of all the great street photographers,now and again I venture out to see who and what I can capture. I mainly have a theme for that day

Behind the scenes: I have worked both behind the camera and on camera,from major Hollywood movies/TV series. I am also part of a start to finish production company called R.A.M.P Media.

Various: This folder contains mainly photographs of various experiments and other work I have to showcase. This will be updated along with the other folders in my portfolio - so do check back :)


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